Curvegrid Console

The console allows you to control your MultiBaas instances and overall billing and organizational information. The console supports multiple organizations in case you are working on multiple teams or projects. When you create an account, you will belong to a default personal organization that is automatically created for you.

The accounts in are independent of the accounts in any MultiBaas deployment. It is suggested that you only create accounts on for administrators who are doing billing and provisioning of MultiBaas projects and create individual accounts for your developers on the MultiBaas deployments directly.

See MultiBaas users vs. users for details.

There are four main sections of the console: Deployments, Subscriptions, Users, and Account.

There is also an Organization Selector which allows you to interact with your account as a particular organization.


The Deployments page shows your active deployments and their status. From here you can also create a new deployment or delete an existing one.


You can have one subscription per organization. When you first sign up you will be on the Free Plan. From here you can upgrade to one of our more advanced plans. Select "All" from the Organization Selector to see subscriptions across all your organizations.


Users allows you to see the users in a particular organization. There is no way to see all the users across all organizations because their permissions and the actions you take on them are specific to an organization.

From this section administrators can view and add or remove the following permissions:

  • Administrator : Allows a user to manage other users, and create and delete deployments
  • Billing Administrator : Allows a user to subscribe to different plans and create or update billing information

Administrators can also invite new users to an organization they control. The user will receive an email that they have to confirm in order to participate in the organization.

Organization Selector

When using the console you are generally taking actions as a specific organization. For individual users this will usually be your automatically created personal organization. The Organization Selector allows you to choose the organization under which you are acting.

You can also select "All" where you will see the combined information for all your organizations.

In some case, when you are viewing "All" data and select an entity that belongs to an organization, the Organization Selector will be switched to that specific organization. For example when you are viewing all subscriptions and choose a specific subscription to edit. If you are administrating multiple organizations, be sure to confirm your selected organization before taking an action that could have unintended consequences.


From here you can view and and edit your account information through the following functions:

  • My Account : Update your name and email address
  • Change Password : Change your password
  • Two-Factor Authentication : Enable or change your two factor authentication settings
  • Logout : logout of the system
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