Blockchain address functions

Helps to retrieve information from the blockchain address.

MBADDRESS(address, headers, code)

Retrieve the details of a blockchain address.


  • address Ethereum address or label.
  • headers (Optional) Include column headers. TRUE/FALSE, defaults to TRUE.
  • code (Optional) Include the smart contract bytecode deployed at the address, if any. TRUE/FALSE, defaults to FALSE.


Address details.


=MBADDRESS("0xe9f2E2B0105B683b436Fd0d7A2895BE25c310Af7", "", false) in the cell. The structure of the return value is as follows:

label address balance chain isContract modules contracts
privatefaucet 0xe9f2E2B0105B683b436Fd0d7A2895BE25c310Af7 2E+18 ethereum TRUE multibaasfaucet 1.0
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