Multisig Wallets

The multisig (multi-signature) wallet page allows you to deploy and manage Gnosis Multisig Wallets, and monitor and approve multisig transactions.


Deploy or link a multisig wallet

Deploy a new multisig wallet

  1. Click on the plus button at the top of the left sidebar and select Deploy Wallet
  2. Provide a label, add one or more owner addresses, and specify the required number of confirmations
  3. Click Deploy Wallet, and confirm the blockchain transaction to deploy a new multisig wallet smart contract to the blockchain

Link an existing multisig wallet

  1. Click on the plus button at the top of the left sidebar and select Link Wallet
  2. Provide a label and address of an existing on0chain Gnosis Multisig Wallet. Note that Gnosis Safe is not currently supported.
  3. Click Link Wallet

Unlink a wallet

  1. Select the wallet you want to unlink from the left sidebar
  2. Click the Unlink Wallet button in the upper right corner, then click the Unlink button


Manage properties of a multisig wallet

Modifying the properties of the multisig wallet is a multisig transaction itself, in that it requires sufficient confirmation from the other owners of the multisig wallet. Once you initiate the addition or removal of owners, or changing the number of confirmations, if the required number of confirmations is greater than 1, other owners will need to approve the transaction before the property is changed.

Approve or reject transacations

Pending transactions will appear with their details in the Transactions table. Details will be decoded only if the transaction was initiated through MultiBaas. You can select the address that initiated the transaction at the top to revoke approval, or another one of the owner addresses to approve the transaction.

Using multisig wallets

Multisig wallets are on-chain wallets that are smart contracts. You can transfer ETH and tokens to them, and otherwise generally use them as you would an externally owned account (EOA). Once configured in MultiBaas, the wallets appear in the signer selector and are available to sign transactions. MultiBaas will automatically compose a wrapped multisig transaction when a multisig address is selected in the signer selector, and once confirmed, it will appear in the Transactions table on the multisig page for further approval.

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