Transaction Manager (TXM)

The TXM monitors your Cloud Wallet transactions, reports on their status, and automatically resubmits them when required.

To access the TXM, Click Cloud Wallets then TX Manager.

For Cloud Wallet transactions that are in a pending state and have not yet been included in a block, use the icons on the right to resubmit them with a higher gas fee to give them a greater chance of being included in a block sooner ("transaction speed up"), or cancel them.


Resubmitting transactions with higher gas

To resubmit a pending transaction, click on the lightning icon and then Re-submit.

Optional parameters:

Parameters left blank will be automatically estimated based on current network conditions. Some of the parameters are mutually exclusive.

  • Gas limit : The maximum number of gas units you are willing to spend on the contract's method call transaction.
  • Force legacy transaction : If checked, forces a legacy type transaction. Otherwise an EIP-1559 transaction will be created if the network supports it.
  • Gas Price : The price in Wei that you are willing to pay per gas unity for the contract’s method call transaction.
  • Max Fee Per Gas : The price in Wei which is the absolute maximum you are willing to pay per gas unit for the transfer transaction.
  • Max Priority Fee Per Gas : An 'optional' additional fee in wei that is paid directly to miners in order to incentivize them to include your transaction in a block.


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