Contracts, versions, and instances

Contracts, contract meta-data, deployed instances, and blockchain addresses have a number of user-defined attributes in order to help you better organize and manage them within MultiBaas.

Contracts and addresses can have "labels" which are text identifiers of a specific format.

Label rules

A label is a text string consisting of lower case letters, numbers, and underscores that begins with a letter. It is constructed this way to avoid ambiguity in URLs and reduce the possibility of confusion with numbers or blockchain addresses.

Contract Label

A contract label is a unique identifier for a contract (the uploaded source code and generated ABI) following the label rules. It is specified when uploading a new contract.

Contract Version

A contract version indicates which version of code the contract is. It is a text attribute so that you can use whatever versioning system you prefer. It defaults to 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc. and is specified when uploading a new contract.

Address Label

An address label is a unique identifier for an address which may be a deployed contract (AKA instance) following the label rules.

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