Deploy a smart contract

After uploading a solidity file containing one or more smart contracts, you will be prompted to deploy or link the compiled contracts to a blockchain network.

You can also reach the deploy or link tool using the following steps:

  1. Select Contracts from the main menu
  2. Select a specific contract from the Contracts side menu
  3. Click on Deploy / Link Contract at the top of the contract window

From the Deploy dialogue you can then:

  1. Select the account you wish to use from your wallet software
  2. Select the same account from the MultiBaas Signer Selector control
  3. Choose a label for the deployed contract
    • This will be an instance label corresponding to the deployed at address
  4. Select the version of the contract you wish to deploy
    • The version numbers are those chosen when uploading the contract
    • By default, the selected version will be the most recent version according to lexicographical ordering, not the most recently uploaded version
  5. Correctly enter any constructor parameters
  6. Click Deploy on network where network is the network to which MultiBaas is connected
  7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet software

If successful, you will see a message indicating the transaction confirmation and transaction hash. The deploy dialogue will remain open in case you want to deploy more instances of the same contract. The deployed contract instance will be available under the Contracts menu under the type of contract that was deployed.

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